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MultiBrain is a 3D graphic engine based on OpenGL and entirely written in C++, it provides an articulated hierarchy of 3D objects and primitives using a portal-based structure.
It is able to load 3D maps, polygonal meshes, obj models, NURBS and trimmed NURBS surfaces, Bitmap textures and TGA textures. At this time MultiBrain implements a certain number of 3D features like texturing, alpha-blending, shadows, reflections and some complex rendering technics besides a little physical engine. The entire project was created to be an environment simulator rather then a gaming framework. The features already implemented are: This software must be considered an experimental project, it has a lot of testing features, some unstable code and probably a certain number of bugs, so it must be handle with care :).
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MultiBrain is a MeTA~LAbS project.

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Some strange results
GLU Nurbs trimming report

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